8 Tips To Upping Your Instagram Game

I love Instagram.  I discovered the Dockatot, Solly Baby Wrap and Puj tub there (to name a few), I use it as a source of dietary inspo (hello, @shutthekaleup), and I got to stalk all of my friends with all of the ease.  Also it got me through so many late night/early morning nursing sessions with both of my kiddos.  

Buuut when it came to using it to promote my business,  I froze.  Igloo style.  I couldn’t figure out what content to post.  My pictures never felt Instagram worthy, I wasn’t sure what to post, and I never wanted to be on my professional account.

Basically my personal instagram felt easy, my business felt hard.  

And then… I hired Jessie from Classic Social Media, she helped me get over my damn self through offering tips that have truly changed the way I do Instagram and my business.

Below are my top tips from her coupled with some other nuggets that have raised my professional Instagram game, so without further adieu….

  1. Divide and conquer.  Create a separate account for your business.  Don’t try and piggyback on your personal.  Here’s why… those people are following you for your kids, your breakfast, your wedding, your latest trip to to Tokyo.  This works against you in two ways: 1. These people are not your audience- they don’t want to buy what you’re selling.  Unless they do- stay tuned I have a solution to that.  2. You don’t post what you actually want to post.  You fear Danny from high school is going to think you are a woo woo maniac for posting about the healing power of Sage, crystals, and intentions.  You gotta be able to fully express yourself to fully attract your peeps.

  2. Offer the option.  Remember how I said I have a solution to the potential people who follow you on your personal and might also be interested in your professional too.  Here is what I recommend for that… put a post on your personal introducing them to your professional account.  Let them choose if they want to pick up what you’re putting down professionally.

  3. It’s not about you.  OK now here comes the guts of what makes your professional instagram professional… it’s not for you, it’s for them.  Filter everything through this lens… will this serve my ideal client?.  Another way of saying this...am I offering something of value? Pictures of your daughter eating eating a lemon, might feel like gold to you, your readers notsomuch.  However, if you have a pic of your daughter eating a lemon then you go on to explain the detoxification effect of lemon water, well now you are offering them something.  Get it?

  4. Sleuth for Hashtags. You get 30 of them or is it 32?  Either way you get to add 30 or 32 hashtags to each post.  In case you’re wondering what hashtags do... they are essentially SEO on your instagram (aka they help your people find you).  So let’s say you’re an aesthetician… common hashtags associated with people looking for skin care nuggets are #365skincare #30plusskincare #20plusskincare #acne #skincarediary etc… So compile a list of 30 (or 32) hashtags that you could use on every post. Put this in a place (your notes on your iphone or google drive document) so it’s easily accessible.  Just copy and paste that goodness every time you post.  These don’t have to be entirely relevant to the post’s content-  just to your audience.  So if you are a website designer (ahem) and your clientele is health coaches… guess what... #healthcoaching.  How do you find good hashtags?  Stalk people in your industry.  Usually their hashtags are hidden in their first comment, which brings me to my next point.

  5. Hide your hash. You want to attract your readers, but you don’t want to be so obvious about it. Be the first to comment with those saved Hashtags I mentioned above and boom you have yourself a way for your peeps to find you without looking like you’re hollering out for them.  Aren’t you cool? To hide those hashtags even further, oftentimes people do 5 dots- one period per line to really hide the hash.

  6. Take Stock in the Stock. Unbeknownst to me, one of my biggest barriers to posting on my professional page, was the photo factor.  I felt like all of my photos were meh and more times, than not, were not in line with my branding. I’m not a photographer.  I don’t particularly enjoy editing photos, but I LOVE searching for the perfect stock photo.  So this took the pressure off and put some enjoyment in.

  7. Create a system.  Instead of flopping around wondering what am I going to post today?  I needed a wee bit of guidance, so I created a theme for each day:  Minimalist Monday, Tuesday Tips, Words Wednesday, TBT, and Friday Favorites.  These themes could be as broad as I like them to be, but it helped me think of content with categories in place and it helps my audience to know what to expect from me.  

  8. Schedule it.  I use later ( an Instagram scheduler) to do all of my posts. Basically I sit down on the weekend and write out my content, search for my photos and hashtags for the week.  This has been a game changer as doing it in one-two sittings expedites the process and it frees up my mornings during the week to work.  Also it has a sort of set it and forget it feeling, so I’m not as attached to getting all the love.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me.  Staying consistent with Instagram has really helped to develop my brand and just keep me in motion.  I’m realizing the name of the game truly is, just show up, every damn day and magic happens.  

Helping you see what’s possible,