Add More Color To Your Squarespace While Still Keeping It Clean + Simple

How To Add Different Color Banners to your Squarespace Site.png

It's no secret that I'm an advocate for white + minimal websites, but that's not everybody's cup of tea.  However, it's all the rage to have a clean and simple website, which can make it tricky to add in color correctly if you want more pizzazz in there.  One solution to this is adding in different color banners on your website. 

The other benefit to adding in the banners is they offer a clear + pretty way to divide up content.

What does that mean exactly?  See below.  The different background colors are the banners (also please note I'm aware I'm here pitching color and the banner colors are grey and less grey.  I just can't help myself).  

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 4.09.08 PM.png

So how does one do this? 

So glad you asked. 

Watch my swanky + simple video below on how to create a banner and set it up in Squarespace. 


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Also Happy Thanksgiving week!  I sure am thankful you're here.

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