Take Stock in the Stock


The trend in websites is to have pictures of YOUR visage all over your website. However, this isn't best use of your image real-estate.  I jumped on this train too, so this is not me judging.

Yes, a few good quality photos of you is very important as your audience NEEDS to put a face to the brand to connect with it/you, but a whole website of them is missing out on a critical component of your website's purpose… connecting with your client.  

So many entrepreneurs brand themselves as the the platform for their business (ah, hem.. Hey, I’m Kelli) which is all fine and dandy as it leaves you open to grow as a business- you aren’t pigeonholed into one specific industry if your brand is based on you, it grows as you do. That’s perfect, buuuut, oftentimes when you brand yourself you forget that’s it’s not about you, it’s about your client.  And while your client wants to see you to connect with you and be inspired by you, a whole website devoted to you in varying poses and outfits misses out on an essential piece of the attraction puzzle.   

Your clients are looking to see themselves in you AND your services.  

This works via the lens of inspiration, which happens in two ways:  

  1. A well curated photo shows what life looks like when they embark on your services: perusing a farmer’s market cloaked in a Madewell sweater and Birkenstocks, sipping coffee out of handmade pottery while gazing at all of the succulents, grasping a glass pinot while laughing with friends under twinkling lights, meditating in front of an altar of sage and crystals, working in front of a MacBook surround by a gold stapler, pencils and i-everything.  You get the idea.  A few of these pictures can be you doing these activities, but it’s nice to see others doing them too.     

  2. How they experience your brand.  Every brand (no matter if it’s done on purpose or not) offers an experience. Photo selection is a BIG part of this experience. Choosing photos that aligns with how you want your clients to feel is critical.  This happens in the details of the photos.  The handmade pottery, the Madewell sweater, the gold stapler, the crystals.  They all speak volumes about the emotions you want your brand to evoke in your client.  

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, emotions are everything.  People purchase with their heart first and logic second.  And usually when you’re getting professional photos done the focus is on you (rightfully so) and not the details, so don't discard the stock's potential.  

Start sleuthing for that thoughtfully curated photo to create the emotional story of your brand in addition to having your beautiful face in there and there you have it - a magnet for those clients of yours.  

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