Tap the Heart and You Will Fill the Pig

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

If you're starting or growing a business, branding can sound like an ambiguous word that falls on deaf ears.

So what is this branding nonsense and why should you care?

Weeellll... how your brand makes somebody feel is the mother-lovin’-load.  

People buy with emotions first, logic second, but more importantly, brands elicit loyalty.  And loyal clients are the creme-de-la-creme.  Devoted patrons are far less likely to stray into the arms of the competition, they refer you to their people and they are repeat buyers.  

Exhibit A:

There are bucket loads of Barre studios out there, but I pledge allegiance to Barre3 because I love the modern, clean, white aesthetic that is carried through all of their studios.  I love how they support brands with ethically minded concepts.  And I love how the founder, Sadie Lincoln, lives.  I love the way her home is decorated, how she honors natural beauty both in her appearance and the world around her and how you can tell her Barre3 philosophy is grounded in the noggin’ as much as it is in the body.  Basically I want to be Sadie. So trying out Pure Barre has little interest to me even though I’m sure it’s fantastic, because Barre3 appeals to so many parts of me.  

Exhibit B:

I love this boutique in Portland called Betsy and Iya.  Everything they sell I oogle at.  They recently just started to offer wedding rings in their collection.  I’m not even sure I LOVE the rings and I don’t really care for jewelry (especially fine jewelry), but I LOVE Betsy and Iya as a brand, so I told my husband that on our 10 year anniversary, should we go big, I might want to switch out my wedding ring.  Basically you had me at… Betsy and Iya.  

In short, selling what you’re offering to your fan base is not selling at all.  It’s merely introducing whatcha got.

So how does one begin to decipher what their brand is?

Step 1: 

Start with YOU.  Why are you doing this work?  What do you love most in the world-  this is not limited to work stuff.   It can be your love of coffee.  Your love of street art.  Your love of organization.  You get the idea... 

Getting to heart of who you are allows your brand to have a homebase to come back to.  This influence is weaved into your colors, font, blog graphics and your website copy.  It lets your clients see themselves in you as well know who they are getting into bed with.

Step 2:

Move onto them. Who are your people?  Your people are looking for you.  They just need to recognize you when they see you.  So speaking their language is oh, so important.  You are looking for the people who are dying to work with YOU and who YOU are dying work with.  Don’t settle for any old client here.  Take a real client that loved and curate your language and offering around them. 

These are the two best places to start when creating the brand that takes the sales out of selling.  

And if you want to go next level look into my brand identity service.  You walk away with a logo, colors, signature, favicon and style guide to reference when creating future visuals.  

Standing here as me in hopes you feel inspired to do you,