The Best Guide You Have When Writing To Your Clients

When writing to your client via your sale's page, website content, blog posts or any other place your words are looking to attract your people, use YOU as a filter.  Meaning, more often than not, you are offering a service you wish you would have had before you gained your expertise in said service.  You know your client better than anyone because they are you and you were/are them.

The good news here.. people like people who like them, so you have a GIANT leg up.  

And, more importantly, you can speak to those silent needs that tug on their heart strings. The creme-de-la-creme copy comes from this space.

For example... lets say you are a health coach that focuses on weight loss minus the willpower and white knuckles. You know this struggle well because you use to count ALL THE calories, carbs and points only to lose 5 and gain back 7, until you discovered the magic of eating from a place nourishment. You have figured out the secret sauce to losing weight without losing your mind.  

So use your experiences and struggles as content when writing to your client.  The devil truly lives in the details here, but most people write to their clients in one of two ways:

1. With big lofty concepts:  Build a sustainable, balanced relationship with food and exercise.  Even though this is what you do, BREAK IT DOWN.  What does this look like in real life.  Maybe... have 1 donut without the guilt brigade bulldozing your enjoyment, causing 1 donut to turn into 5.  Or... Run because you know your day gets better with movement, not because your scale is watching.  

2. With overdone cliches:  Fit into your skinny jeans.  Look great in your bikini.  There was a time when these words worked to ignite inspiration, but they are everywhere now, so the emotional impact of them is lost.  Choose your words based on your individual experiences and motivators.   I guarantee your experiences are not unique, but when you're going through them you certainly feel like they are.  Imagine how your attention would be captured if someone spoke about a tangible example you assumed you alone felt.  YOU WOULD FEEL SO CONNECTED them.  No?

Finally, when you talking to your client, really talk to them.  Tell your ego to scram.  You don't need to use fancy words to make you look credible.  Speak to them like you wish someone would have spoken to you.  

Because... when you connect with your client you stopping having to convince them.  

Helping you see what's possible,