I'm Talking to you, Mama


What’s up with this whole inspiration stuff that I’ve deemed the foundation of my business.  

Here’s my goal:  Create inspiration in the home, body and business.  Also known as YOUR LIFE

Because miracles occur in the mundane...

  • A cleaned out sock drawer leads to space to dig deeper.  Free up a little physical space and your mental space follows suit.  

  • A website written from your heart to your client presented in a way that feels like your home away from home anchors in your dreams when they want to run under a pile of laundry and nay- sayers.  

  • A bedroom that was previously a place to lay your head is now a place that brings a burst of joy every time you walk in there simply because there is a new duvet, an old mirror finally hung and that Urban Outfitters weave that felt indulgent at the time, but is proving it's worth daily, if not, hourly.  

  • The 20 minutes of committed movement in the morning just prevented a you from joining your toddler in a tantrum and there by bringing on the guilt brigade for the duration of the day.  

The point... the space we reside, whether physically or virtually, matters far beyond the initial vanity of it all.  It matters because inspiration comes in the bite size nuggets we experience in our external daily life.  And in truth, bite size nuggets are all we have space for.  Manageable morsels that fit in between folding the laundry, changing diapers, and picking up the duplo blocks for the day. Bottomline... when we surround ourselves with beauty.  We do and act beautifully.  

I’m hoping you catch this inspiration bug I’m aiming to infect all with.  To up your chances for infection join me in my weekly rambling and scoop up my tools and resources for sprucing your Squarespace website.  

Helping you see what's possible,