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We all have dreams, passions, gifts.

The thing is... they’re not a luxury, but a responsibility.

You know that space where time races and basic needs like going to the bathroom, sleeping and eating feel like a burden because you just want to be in the zone. We all need to be there more.

My goal is to help clarify what that zone is, translate it into a clear message that embodies your soul while speaking to your ideal client’s heart through the words and design behind your brand.  In short, I’m here to offer you permission to be uniquely you.  Build it into a brand.  Then show you off.  TA-DA.


Oh, hey!

Allow myself to introduce myself...

1.  One of my worst fears is appearing narcissistic.  To be noted: I'm devoting an entire website that is named after me. 

2. My first business was a mini spa in Portland, Oregon called Skinspot. I was named the acne eradicator by a few clients.

3. I've birthed two humans.  One boy.  One girl. This week, I like the girl better.  #noyoudidnt

4. My undergraduate degree is in Communications and Creative Writing.  It took me 4 colleges and 10 years to get this.

5. I think I like to move more than I like to stay.  I grew up in Michigan. Lived in Phoenix, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and, most recently, Santa Cruz. 

6. I once called myself a high-maintenance hippy. Nailed it. I look like I’m all chill when in truth I stress out over shoes in the house and I’ve been getting botox since I was 25.

7. I like to say things out loud that people tend to keep hidden. The more we air our dirty laundry, the less dirty it is, and the more connected we become.

8. Every night I clean my kitchen floor on my hands + knees with a spray bottle. That spray bottle was also mentioned in our wedding vows because the OBSESSION.

This photo was taken over 4 years ago, before I had kids. I do not look this young in real life and I don't think those pants still fit. I can't say for certain 'cause Goodwill.