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 Hey, I’m Kelli

I’m a self-taught website designer, copy writer, interior decorator and mama. I was once a licensed aesthetician. I am currently a certified health coach and life coach. I came to the earth obsessed with cleaning, clearing out and cake (vanilla with buttercream frosting).

Why this is relevant to you…

I know what the power of creativity, simplicity and health do to a life. I’m here to bring nuggets of that to the way you go after your passions, the way you nourish your body and the way you curate your home.

Beauty is not just for the vain.

Creativity is not just for the artists.

Simplicity is not just for the minimalists.

Health is not just for the green juicing goddesses.

It’s FOR all of us. It’s IN all of us

In short…

It’s my hope that you are over there sipping on your coffee perusing this site to turn your meh morning into a dang fine day, because there truly is magic in the mundane.

Sometimes it comes from a cleaned out sock drawer, a new rug, a new recipe or finally sharing your ‘ness with the world through building a beautiful brand and website.



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