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Scoop up eight, different style boards each with a unique collection of inspirational images that bring to life an aesthetic and ideas for your brand's colors.

Use these color palettes to design your brand’s pretty power on your website, Instagram, Facebook, business cards or anywhere else you want your signature to style to show up.

Orrrrr just stare at these boards and allow their pretty power to inspire you to create your own style board.

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Hey, I’m Kelli


I love to make Squarespace websites pretty. I love to organize all that you love, so your website is not only well decorated, but it’s also clean, cleår and connectable.

Annnnnd I love teaching you how I do all of this, so the next time you want to add a new product, service or blog post you get to create it as you feel it.


Honeybucket, all of these marketing shenanigans are made out to be way too hard.

Marketing should be fun.

I mean it’s talking about what we love most to the people who are dying to hear about it. No.?

So let’s bring big back ‘ze FUN through simplicity, clarity and embracing the impact of pretty. 


You Know what You’re meant to do…

Now it’s time for the rest of the world to know it, too


choose your adventure


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(I know I thought FB was dead too, until I realized it isn't)

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You see I thought I was just going to be getting a brand new website, new logo and some pretty pictures but what I ended up walking away with was sooooo much more than that.

Kelli is a natural coach and she was able to pull a story out of me that I didn't know was missing in my business.

I was stuck in the trap of doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing instead of what I really wanted to be doing which is helping women to get out of lives that don't really feel like theirs and helping them to create what they assume is reserved for someone else. I will forever be grateful for Kelli because she helped me to find my voice and my vision in a way that no one else has helped me do before. She also helped me get back into writing and blogging which felt really stuck for me before.

Now I'm so fucking excited to show people my website and branding! I feel like a more confident coach now knowing that I have a beautiful and powerful online presence to back me up.

And you know what else? I've had women reaching out to me left and right to work with me because I know that the energy I am investing in my coaching is giving off the right vibes and attracting my right tribe.  So yes, I was initially scared to invest in this but it's already paying off plus a hundred times more.

-Krista Kathleen CEO Krista Kathleen


we be 'Grammin’